Privatize Everything

From: Mauricio Canedo Fernandez

Sent: Monday, September 21, 2020 12:39 AM


Subject: Feedback on High School Paper on Housing Bubbles and Business Cycles

Hello Mr. Block,

During June I made a document for a debate (which sadly didn’t take place) in my grade 12 economics class, which I think has some interesting insights and is a good summary of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory. I know it could seem arrogant for me to ask you for feedback, but I would love it if you could set aside some minutes of your time to give me constructive criticism on the document.


Mauricio Canedo

PD: I love your Mises U lectures on YouTube, especially “The Case for privatization – of everything”

Dear Mauricio:

Where shall you be going to college? Wait, you’re already at University? Guelph? Do you know Prof. Glenn Fox?

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Best regards,



7:07 am on December 28, 2020