• Private Roads And A City With No Government Property

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    No, apparently this is no joke.

    Our story begins with Google’s Street View feature of its Google Maps, where they go around taking photos of basically everything as they go around towns. CNET.com has reported that a city in MN asked Google to remove all of the photos they had taken because of trespassing. The claim, they made, was that the entire city was privately owned. Google complained.

    And now here’s the web site for the City of North Oaks:

    Because residents’ properties extend to halfway across the road, all residential roads in the City are private and for the use of North Oaks residents and their invited guests only.

    The City owns no property. With residents owning the roads, the North Oaks Home Owners’ Association owns the park and recreation areas and trails throughout the City.

    Not bad!

    (Thanks to Ian Bernard from FTL for bringing this to light)


    7:37 am on June 25, 2008