Privacy: Inversion of Citizen-Government Relation

There will always be a need for people to regulate their interpersonal relations, and this will be met by some form of governance or other. The American Revolution and Declaration of Independence promised a form of governance in which the people created a government that was their agent. The people, however, HAD to monitor the government continually if this principal-agent relation were to succeed, because the government was given various powers that could be expanded. As people turned to money-making and other activities, the monitoring declined and the government’s powers increased

Government dossiers on every American and other government actions that diminish privacy and freedom invert the proper relation between citizen and government. The citizen should be monitoring and controlling the government, not the reverse.

What we are experiencing is the continual destruction of the main thrust of the American Revolution. The most important war in this country is the Counter-Revolutionary War, of which attacks on privacy are a part. This Counter-Revolutionary War has gone on since the Constitution was approved. It is a silent war, an unrecognized war.


8:32 am on December 15, 2012