President Harris as Totalitarian Fascist

A vote for Biden is a vote for Harris. If the Biden/Harris ticket wins, Harris becomes president. In that case, in what directions will she lead? This is what this election is really about. It’s a contest between populist Trump and totalitarian fascist Harris. Why these terms apply to her are explained next.

Start by examining this view. The terms that this author, Nathanael Blake, uses to describe Harris are culturally radical, liberal corporatist. Blake calls her a woke oligarchist. The oligarchy she favors is the big government and big business alliance. All quotations are from the Blake article.

“She knows that big business and big government can get along quite well — there is money to be made off of big government, and big business is often best positioned to make it.” Evidence for this is the very warm reception she got from Wall Street denizens after Biden chose her.

Terms that Blake says do not apply to her are socialist, moderate and centrist. Not socialist only means to him that she doesn’t favor outright government takeover of business. She’s neither centrist nor moderate culturally. She’s a more intense and extreme version of Obama and Hillary Clinton.

“Harris, a California Democrat to her core, is an archetype of this political species of woke oligarchs. That is to say, she wants taxpayer-funded abortion on demand until birth, radical environmental policies, strict gun control, and incessant identity politics. She is eager to have the government enforce all sorts of new edicts on ordinary citizens while going soft on hardened criminals. To top it off, she is an anti-Catholic bigot.”

Blake has other insights. “Furthermore, when Wall Street and big business deploy the language of the free market, it is often to undermine the rights and liberties of the rest of us. The cultural left has found that it is easier to control big corporations than a patchwork of smaller, independent businesses (even socialists are denouncing mom and pop businesses as worse than big chains). And the left is eager to use its burgeoning economic power to enforce its orthodoxy on social issues, especially as regards race, class, and sex.”

“Coercion, not persuasion, is the goal, with dissidents losing platforms, opportunities, and jobs. Many on the left are happy to serve as agents of oligarchy if it gives them economic power they can use as a weapon against their political and cultural opponents. Cancel culture is not so much the free market at work as it is a management coterie using its economic and organizational power for what it sees as social justice.”

Harris as president will be domineering, hard and unmerciful. Her record as prosecutor already shows this. She will push her powers to the limit for her agenda. She’ll brook no interference and will treat rivals without mercy. She’ll be more emotional than contained. Expect her to be treacherous in making deals.

In my book of political categories, Harris’s politics makes her a totalitarian fascist. The fascist part is the big-business, big corporation, big government alliance. The totalitarian part is the use of power to force society into her favored social orthodoxy. Naturally, this description of her true political nature is not yet fully evident; it’ll become clearer when and if she grasps presidential power. This combination of political traits, corporatism and cultural concerns, reminds us somewhat of the Italian and German fascists. What’s missing is the glorification of the state. Harris will glorify something, but it’s not yet clear what it will be. It looks like her passion is her own competitive participation in the political game. She’ll glorify herself to herself with political victories.


10:43 am on September 12, 2020