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In an excellent column, the Bionic Mosquito warns of the danger of using the State to make people moral.  As Murray Rothbard pointed out, the Progressive intellectuals who supported World War I, with all its disastrous consequences, were “post-millennial pietists” who thought they could bring about the Kingdom of God on earth. Bionic concludes: “These postmillennial pietist Protestants thought that they could control the one ring that would rule them all.  We saw that even Frodo was not immune to the power of the ring, succumbing at the last moment, at the edge of the abyss .Such a ring should be in the hands of no human being; it will only bring out the worst in people, and it will be the worst of the worst who will end up with it.  As long as the ring existed, it would return to Sauron. Christianity does have its proper role to play in securing liberty against the over-reach of the state.  It is far from playing that role today, still dancing with the state that has happily taken control of the ring.  Yet every day we are left playing a losing battle – both for Christian ethics and for liberty.”


10:35 am on May 22, 2020

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