The Pope and the D.C. Rioters and Vandals . . .

. . . are on the same team.  They are ideological blood brothers (literally).  The punks who set cars on fire, sucker punched and assaulted Trump supporters, and smashed Bank of America and McDonald’s windows on inauguration day (to “protest American capitalism”) carried signs saying “No Fascism.”  They oppose fascism and capitalism because they are self-described communists, and ever since the time of Stalin communists wanted their critics to believe that there are only two alternatives:  communism or fascism.  Choose fascism and you are choosing Hitler (or someone just like him).  Classical liberalism and its philosophy of peace, freedom, free enterprise, rule of law, constitutionalism, and tolerance were supposed to have never existed.

Drudge reports that the pope was interviewed by a Spanish newspaper on inauguration day and said essentially the exact same thing, reminding the interviewer that Hitler was elected, and then “ruined his people,” making a direct comparison to President Trump.  The Castro-loving statist used this as a platform to denounce American and European “populism” and democracy.  He then very gratuitously and sanctimoniously conceded that it would be appropriate to wait and “see what he [President Trump] does” before concluding that he is, in fact, the reincarnation of Hitler.  Like almost all other Jesuits, the pope is in reality a communist ideologue hiding behind a priest’s collar (and also behind a gigantic wall built built around the Vatican generations ago to keep Muslim invaders out).


7:00 am on January 22, 2017