Politicians Create Political Groups or Polities

Addresses like the State of Union are one part of the continuous communications of government people with non-government people. The government people want to hold the State together. They have to communicate with State- supporters (of any and all parties or persuasions) and potential State-supporters.

Valuation and approval are subjective. The State maintains a polity by inducing its supporters to value the gains they get from it more than the losses they receive from it.

The root problem with the State is its insistence, backed up by force, that everyone within its borders, which are imposed by force, is and must be in its polity or organized society. The State insists its government is MY government and YOUR government even when you and I say that it is not.

The State’s cardinal sin is not coercion per se, because its willing supporters accept many kinds of coercion in return for the gains they get from being in the State’s polity. These tradeoffs are subjectively-valued. No, the State’s cardinal sin is in coercing unwilling persons into being within its polity.



8:21 am on February 13, 2013