Please, No More Good News! I Can’t Take It!

What a day! First, there’s the lawsuit against Ohio’s unspeakable dictator, Mike DeWack! Oh, that he and his fellow tyrants would finally pay for their crimes against humanity!

Second, “New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that his entire office, including himself, will be furloughed for a week to help fight the city’s multibillion-dollar budget crisis.”

Imagine: 495 of New York City’s worst leeches banned from the public trough for seven whole days! No pestering and hectoring of taxpayers, either! And isn’t it luscious that DeBlabbio himself is tacitly admitting he’s “non-essential”? On the other hand, Felix Bronstein, who sent me this story, laments, “ONLY A WEEK???”

Do you suppose… No, of course not. It isn’t remotely possible that when New Yorkers see how pleasantly life continues even without their chief idols that—that…

OK, not going there. Not getting my hopes up. This news is sublime enough without raising unrealistic expectations.

But still…


12:45 pm on September 16, 2020