Please File This Under Shameless Self Promotion

An entire volume of a refereed journal (Revista Estudios Libertarios) has been published in my honor. This is not quite a festschrift, but I think it comes close. Here is the dictionary definition of that type of publication: “In academia, a Festschrift (German pronunciation: [ˈfɛstʃrɪft]; plural, Festschriften [ˈfɛstʃrɪftən]) is a book honoring a respected person, especially an academic, and presented during their (sic) lifetime. It generally takes the form of an edited volume, containing contributions from the honoree’s colleagues, former pupils, and friends.” This is not a book, but rather, as I say, an entire volume of a refereed journal, so it comes close, I think, to being a festschrift, but does not quite make it. Another deviation: none of the other contributors to this publication are my colleagues, former pupils or friends, but I hope to rectify the latter lacunae in the not too distant future. This is also the inaugural volume of Revista Estudios Libertarios. I hope and trust this will get it off to a good start.

This volume may be accessed here: Essays in Honor of Walter Block:

Most of the contributions are in Spanish, but I have contributed two papers to this compilation, one coauthored with a present student of mine:

552. Block, Walter E. 2018. “Negative Rights.” Revista Estudios Libertarios; Vol. 1, pp. 5-6;

551. Block, Walter E. and Gabriel Philbois. 2018. “Giffen Goods and Backward Bending Supply Curves of Labor.” Revista Estudios Libertarios; Vol. 1, pp. 55-69; 6


10:54 am on September 26, 2018