Please Advise

I just received a frantic e-mail from the MoveOn organization, informing me that “The Tea Party and the GOP actually took us over the cliff – and shut down the federal government.” Such a calamity must be analogous to parents running away from home and leaving the children behind.  But it doesn’t tell us what the consequences of this “shutdown” will be; what we helpless souls are to do. Do federal regulations no longer need to be obeyed? Are we no longer required to pay federal taxes? Have all of America’s current wars ended? Will drone bombers no longer function and simply fall from the skies? Will the likes of Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Charles Schumer, Diane Feinstein, et al. now have to return to their home states and seek honest employment?  Do these sociopaths have any marketable skills, or shall we see them on street corners with styrofoam cups begging for coins? Will the mail no longer be delivered, and will my “happy birthday” card to aunt Lucy get through to her?

Is this what has been heralded as the “end of the world?” Oh, what are we to do; what are we to do?


4:31 am on October 1, 2013