Pitting Fascists Against Each Other

One useful strategy when fighting such cronies as banksters involves siccing their buddies in government on them. James S. employed this tactic in attempting to forestall the cashless society:

After my credit card company sent an email informing me they were sending me a contactless card, I called them up to request that they not do that.

I don’t trust contactless/RFID credit cards for a lot of reasons, from the potential for fraud to the potential for tapping my wallet and having the transaction register on an incorrect card (like most people, I carry a few pieces of plastic—including a company card—at all times).

My understanding is that the people behind cashless want this, to make small transactions so convenient that people switch from cash.

The card company told me that non-contactless cards would not be an option, so I closed the account.  I also registered a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (anyone can do this, and it is really simple—just fill out the online form).

If anyone else also wants to give the CFPB their $.10 (used to be $.02 …inflation…), it might help to gum up the works a bit.

Last I heard the bank was still working on “researching,” but they are required to respond to each case within a time limit, and then you get a time limit to respond to their response.

I forgot the best part…each complaint costs the banksters an estimated $1000 to deal with it.  So it will only take a few of these (100 or so at any bank) to get their attention.   

I recommend attempting to contact the bank/card issuer first, because the complaint form will ask if you tried to resolve it before getting them involved.

The form also asks what a good resolution looks like.  I suggested either an opt-in or an opt-out for contactless technology.

How sad that this level of totalitarianism prevails! But such dictatorships always carry the seeds of their own destruction. Please God, James S. has planted and watered a few.


11:40 am on June 7, 2021