“Pings of Mass Distraction”?

Is the script, re Flight 370, sounding familiar to anyone?  Remember all the stories and factually-baseless theories about “weapons of mass destruction” that were on their way to New York City via hijacked airliners and suitcases; the mushroom cloud that was soon to appear above Times Square unless “we” start bombing Baghdad without hesitation or questioning? The current fear-object is a missing Boeing 777, whose speculated trail has been drawn and re-drawn on television so many times, and all without a single piece of hard evidence that a lawyer could introduce in court. Ahhh, but now there are “pings” which just might be from the missing plane – like the WMDs that were offered to the gullible to justify the attack on Iraq? – and an unnamed “U.S. official” has reportedly expressed “confidence” that they are from Flight 370.

Will the source of the alleged “pings” ever be found, or will their fading voice be enough to satisfy Boobus that this is where the plane ended up? Will speculation serve in place of evidence?  Is there anyone taking bets on whether the airliner will ever be brought to the surface, or whether photos of the plane will ever be shown? Or is the downed plane at such oceanic depths as to preclude the recovery of any genuine evidence – including the “black box”?  Will the unnamed “U.S. official” ever be brought to the surface of this inquiry to be questioned, or is his/her role simply to stamp the establishment’s imprimatur of the explanation to which all “responsible” men and women are expected to conform their thinking? And why is the U.S. – along with the FBI – so involved in the search for a Malaysian plane flying from Malaysia to China with mostly Chinese passengers aboard?

I have no factually-grounded explanations – or even suspicions – as to why this plane simply disappeared, nor am I disposed to making up any reasons. I am more inclined to asking questions. I do find it of interest to recall that so-called “intelligence” agencies were unable to learn of the schemes for the attacks of 9/11 just prior to that date but, within hours after, had photographs of the 19 alleged criminals who carried them out. If we are to ever learn of the fate of the 239 aboard Flight 370, we may have to await the inquiries of real journalists, whose publication of the truths underlying corporate-state policies and behavior continue to terrorize the political power structure.



7:44 pm on April 11, 2014