Peter Dale Scott on the November 22, 1963 Coup D’état

The intrepid Peter Dale Scott is a name very familiar to our LRC audience of readers and listeners. This prolific author has been interviewed by Lew and has had numerous published articles appear on this site over the years. His latest book is Dallas ’63: The First Deep State Revolt Against the White House (read my five star review as “anarchteacher.”) Scott has a new six part series on The CIA, Mafia, Mexico — And Oswald. In addition, he has published the first installment of Why CIA’s Richard Helms Lied About Oswald: Not Ancient History — But Preamble to the Present. Scott is the premier synthesizer unearthing all the various seemingly unconnected strands of hard documentary factual evidence and counterfactual hypothesizing concerning the November 22, 1963 coup d’état.


2:33 am on December 26, 2015