PERC is Chicagoan, Not Austro-Libertarian; That Is, Beltwayish

From: B
Sent: Monday, April 01, 2019 3:40 PM
Subject: Does this email work?

Dear Mr. Block,

I wish to know how often you check your emails. I am your biggest fan, but I’m alas at XYZ University, and don’t know how to attend the Mises Institute. I would like to establish a line of correspondence as I’m a very conservative minded environmentalist, and am trying to develop Terry Anderson, Lew Rockwell, and your arguments that privatization is better for the environment than anything else, a conclusion I reached myself, and was pleased to find I wasn’t the first.

Let me know if you can be reached at this email. B

Dear B:

You got me.

I’m copying Pat Barnett on this. She’s a good contact for the MI.

I’m not a “conservative minded environmentalist.” Rather, I’m a libertarian one.

Here’s the best essay ever written on the latter subject:

Rothbard, Murray N. 1982. “Law, Property Rights, and Air Pollution,” Cato Journal, Vol. 2, No. 1, Spring; reprinted in Block, Walter E. Ed. Economics and the Environment: A Reconciliation, Vancouver: The Fraser Institute, 1990, pp. 233-279;;;

I’m a supporter of PERC, but not a strong one. Here’s a critique of mine of them:

Block, Walter E. 1990. “Earning Happiness Through Homesteading Unowned Land: a comment on ‘Buying Misery with Federal Land’ by Richard Stroup,” Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies, Vol. 15, No. 2, Summer, pp. 237-253;

Block, Walter E. 2010. “Libertarianism is unique; it belongs neither to the right nor the left: a critique of the views of Long, Holcombe, and Baden on the left, Hoppe, Feser and Paul on the right.” Journal of Libertarian Studies; Vol. 22: 127–70;;;;

Block, Walter E. 2014. “Fighting Fires.” July 24;;;; (critique of Terry Anderson)

Block, Walter E. 2016. “PERC does NOT support private property rights and free enterprise.” May 16;

I’ve done 3 books on privatization:

Block, Walter E. 2009. The Privatization of Roads and Highways: Human and Economic Factors; Auburn, AL: The Mises Institute;; available for free here:;;; audio:;;

Nelson, Peter Lothian and Walter E. Block. 2018. Space capitalism: the case for privatizing space travel and colonization. Palgrave Macmillan;;;;

You can access my appearance here:;;

Hey, I’m On TV: C-Span

Block, Walter E. and Peter Lothian Nelson. 2015. Water Capitalism: The Case for Privatizing Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, and Aquifers. New York City, N.Y.: Lexington Books, Rowman and Littlefield;

scathing review:

How can I be of further help to you? Did you attend THE BEST student seminar on Austro-libertarianism, the Mises University?

Best regards,



8:15 am on July 30, 2019