Pentagon Lies

Lured out of rural West Virginia to join the aggression against Iraq, Jessica Lynch was badly wounded. According to the Pentagon, she was a GI Jane who fought to the last bullet, and then was rescued from Iraqi rapists by brave Special Forces (in an incident taped for broadcast).

In fact, she had not fired her rifle and was being treated well by Iraqi doctors, who were trying to send her back to the Americans. Thank goodness for the Congressional hearings that expose all this again.

This teenager from a poor family, who will apparently never recover from her injuries in Bush’s vicious war, had a well-remunerated future ahead of her–speeches, a book, a tv special, maybe even a movie. She was to be an Official Hero as well as a millionaire, sure to be seated next to Laura at the next State of the Union, and heralded by all the hate media and think tanks.

Instead, as she said on Good Morning America, she refused to go along with the federal script. “I didn’t want to be portrayed as this Rambo fighting machine when I knew it wasn’t the truth and it was important to me to always come out and tell the truth.”

Jessica Lynch, American Hero.


12:09 pm on April 24, 2007