Pelosi Continues Impeachment by Fabrication

Pelosi replied to Cipollone’s legal arguments by ignoring them. Her very brief reply to the White House letter doesn’t address any issue raised in that letter. Instead of addressing the due process of law and other issues that the White House letter raised, Pelosi, without offering any evidence or proof, makes a bunch of charges.

In doing so, Pelosi continues to push impeachment by fabricated charges, by lies and by propaganda. She’s following the propaganda campaign that she laid out a few days ago (see here and here). That campaign directs Democrats to focus on 3 main phrases: betrayal, abuse of power and national security.

In this particular statement, Pelosi inserts all of these: “his betrayal of our democracy”, “abused his office”, “the President’s abuse of power”, and “threaten our national security”. Her lies are canned, prepared in advance. This tactic occurs on talk shows and debates too. It is to avoid answering a question by smoothly going into another pre-planned subject. Pelosi is avoiding the issues raised by the White House.

Other anti-Trump themes appear in her statement. One is “lawlessness”, a term she throws at Trump twice. Plus she uses “above the law” twice and “unlawful attempt” once. The theme of lawlessness of Trump is related to abuse of power.

A theme submerged here but bound to come out is that he’s an autocrat who doesn’t listen to his advisors; or that he’s being impeached because he’s a rogue president.

In point of fact, the Establishment gripe, which includes the Democrats’ sour grapes, is that they disagree with Trump’s policies. Establishment supporters of both parties think of the bureaucratic agencies as their property. Any out-of-the-box thinking, especially imaginative proposals, or even common sense proposals, are interpreted by these anti-Trump forces as crazed and destabilizing. Anything that conflicts with their own political policies and thought becomes an “abuse of power”, a “betrayal”, “unlawful’, and undermining “national security”.

Another theme that’s in Pelosi’s reply is “cover up”, “stonewalling” and “obstruction”. This harks back to Watergate and to Mueller.

Pelosi’s letter is propaganda based upon fabrications. It’s representative of everything we see occurring in this impeachment ruckus. It’s no more than an inane and baseless Democrat-led commotion that’s passing itself off as an imperative impeachment procedure to save the country and the Constitution.


1:42 pm on October 9, 2019