Paying the Hands that Molest You

In response to Kissing the Hands that Molest You, Dave writes:

a couple of days ago, my airline station manager came into our aircraft line maintenance office and asked the three of us that were on duty at the time if we’d sign a “thank you/sympathy” card to give to the airport terminal TSA manager. I said “NO WAY”! Another one of my workmates said “absolutely not”! He just looked at me with an open mouth and walked out…the perfect example of “lickspittle” and “bootlicker.”

Meanwhile, would you believe one of the TSA’s deviants was brazen enough to “[create] a GoFundMe page on Jan. 4[,] … a week before he and his wife, also a TSA agent, would miss their first paychecks”? Of course you would: this is the TSA we’re talking about. Let’s rephrase the question: would you believe that the serfs are actually moronic enough to send this sponge their pre-tax dollars? Yep, 74 of them “as of Monday morning” “donat[ed] … more than $3,300.”

I don’t want to start a witch-hunt or anything, but at least one of those contributors seems to read LRC:

A person who donated $5 —  the minimum amount that allows you to post a comment on the fundraising page … had harsh words for the TSA: “Entitled government workers. Really, quit your job and get to work there are about 100000 available jobs in Vermont right now and instead you’re whining on godundme for $5 hand outs. Shame on you.”



11:24 am on January 16, 2019