Pawn Star Is Fed Up

Rick Harrison, the central figure in my favorite show, Pawn Stars, has had it up to his eyeballs with government. After being turned down for a film permit by the BLM, he recently took to the airwaves to voice his ire. Here’s a notable snippet:

“I truly believe that if government just stepped out of the way, we’d have a trade surplus in this country, we’d be energy independent, we would have full employment, and there’d be so much money out there that basically like it used to be in this country, there would be charitable hospitals all over this country, there would barely be a health care problem… I’m a total libertarian.”

Listen to the whole thing, and full disclosure, he’s being interviewed by The Grate One–though not too terribly grating here.

(via Capitalism Institute)


8:11 pm on April 3, 2013