Pastor Shepherd, Praise God, Not Parson Goat

Pastor Chuck Hickey’s church has “been open every weekend this year including Easter Sunday,” Gabe Everson writes. He notes,

We had to deal with threats from the police so we had services for several weeks (most notably Easter) with the lights turned off. The buildings were built in the 1880s and so they operate just fine with natural light during the day.

We have also been parking on the streets instead of in the parking lot.

If you’d like to worship with these courageous folks who obey the Lord rather than the worst of men, a.k.a., politicians, and who aren’t imposing any of the “re-opening” nonsense on parishioners since they never closed, hie yourself to Trinity Presbyterian Church of Northern Kentucky, 316 Adela Avenue, Ludlow, KY (across the Ohio River from Cincinnati).

While there, beseech the Almighty for revival in this country and for His vanquishing of politicians and bureaucrats.


10:16 am on June 4, 2020