Pardon me …

Ten years ago, Bill Clinton promised he would not pardon himself. Of course, nobody knows for sure whether he could have.

Well, LRC’s crystal ball certainly foresaw the crash, the panic, and the massive socialized sludge that have all come to pass. And we know that worse things are in store because the gangsters and the banksters are still doing everything wrong.

So what will the next congress do? Whichever socialist wins the presidential election, it will be Congress that, in desperation, will hold show trials and trot out the scapegoats for our daily “Two Minutes Hate.”

But who will they be?Well, let’s put the question another way. Why has President Bush demanded over 100 SS agents, and their huge support staffs and budgets, for the rest of his natural life? Is he really afraid that Bin Laden will stalk him in Dallas?

And next year, just how undisclosed will Cheney’s locations actually be?

Presidential transitions are always replete with surprises. But if Obama wins, it’s a cinch that he will drive the nation even deeper into the mire. Given his “in your face” mode of confrontation, he will not throw up his hands and plead ignorance. He will blame everybody else — and Bush-Cheney certainly offer a convenient and already well-established starting point.

I can hear him now: “Congress! Do your duty!”

Will they truly be “show trials”? I don’t know. But it certainly would be quite a show.

And how can Bush-Cheney (try to) prevent all this?

Well, on January 19, 2009, Bush can make public a letter like the one Gerry Ford wrote pardoning Richard Nixon — only Bush’s letter will list Cheney and (ahem!) himself. And perhaps Karl Rove. Hey, maybe even Scooter Libby (remember, he hasn’t been pardoned — yet).

Now what if the President can’t pardon himself? If times look to be very, very grim post-January, would Bush resign on the morning of January 20, have some lackey swear in Cheney in the room that Bill used with Monica, and then let Cheney pardon him?

As an old Reagan hand constantly reminds me, “Chris, in Washington it’s always quid pro quo. Always.”

We do live in interesting times.


8:08 am on October 19, 2008