Parasite Central Planners Miscalculate Public’s Hunger To Watch Parasite Central Planners

So I saw on the news that “officials” in South Africa had calculated that hordes and hordes of the rabble would flock to see a collection of the world’s most esteemed central planners eulogize Marxist terrorist-turned-central planner, Nelson Mandela. These geniuses in all their wisdom calculated that—on a work day—one stadium wouldn’t be enough. No, three additional stadiums in Johannesburg would be needed to accommodate the overflow—where said rabble could watch said parasites on Jumbotrons. How magnanimous! Sadly for the pride of central planners everywhere, only about half a stadiums-worth showed up. Perhaps this is because, unlike with most of the Western press, the downtrodden proles of this country don’t really care for central planners, nor want to deify Comrade Mandela.


9:07 am on December 11, 2013