Paging Dr. Steven LaTulippe

You may remember a writer for LRC named Dr. Steven LaTulippe.

I did not. But when I read of a physician by that name in Oregon who staunchly and courageously defied the state medical board while it punished him for countering COVIDCon’s lies, I thrilled to his heroism.

Who is this guy? I wondered. Wanting to share his incredibly inspiring example with you, I headed to LRC to discover whether someone else already had—only to find an archive by a Dr. Steven LaTulippe.

Is it the same man? I can’t say for certain, but how many LaTulippes with a medical degree and a gargantuan love for liberty are running around out there? Freedom’s in mighty short supply of friends this outsized:

An Oregon doctor who falsely described carbon-dioxide poisoning as a risk of wearing face masks has had his license revoked.

As of September 2, Steven Arthur LaTulippe was no longer allowed to practice, according to records from the Oregon Medical Board. LaTulippe also received a $10,000 fine.

Isn’t that just like these sociopaths? Steal a victim’s livelihood from him and, for good measure, a huge chunk of change, now that he can’t earn any more.

An investigation conducted by the Oregon Medical Board found that LaTulippe engaged in “8 instances of unprofessional or dishonorable conduct, 22 instances of negligence in the practice of medicine, and 5 instances of gross negligence in the practice of medicine.”

Sounds egregious until you understand that all the “instances” pertain to his refuting COVIDCon.

A report relaying the investigation’s findings said LaTulippe’s family practice, South View Medical Arts, did not ask patients whether they had been in close contact with someone who exhibited COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive for the disease.

Oh, the horrors!

The report said LaTulippe had also asked his receptionist to screen people for COVID-19 by looking at their facial expressions rather than asking common screening questions.

“If the patient was ‘smiling and happy,’ the receptionist was instructed to ask how the patient was feeling,” the report said, adding: “If the patient indicated that they ‘felt fine’ and they were ‘not ill,’ the receptionist would direct the patient to sit in the waiting area” before heading to an examination room.

Neither LaTulippe nor his wife, who ran the clinic with him, wore a mask from March to December of last year while treating patients, the investigation found.

Magnificent! And congrats to this couple for their peerless fortitude!

LaTulippe was also found to have told patients they didn’t have to wear a mask in the clinic unless they were “acutely ill,” “coughing,” or “congested.”

A doctor who desired his patients to breathe without hindrance. What is medicine coming to?

Additionally, the report said LaTulippe told older and pediatric patients that mask-wearing was “very dangerous” for them and could exacerbate asthma or “cause or contribute to multiple serious health conditions” including strokes, collapsed lungs, and pneumonia.

A doctor who tells the truth. What is medicine coming to?

He also was said to have claimed mask-wearing could lead to carbon-dioxide poisoning, a falsehood debunked in the report.

Don’t you love the editorializing here?

The report said LaTulippe believed he’d been “a strong asset to the public in educating them on the real facts about this pandemic.”

Oh, you are, my dear sir, you are!!!!!! You’re a national treasure!

The board originally suspended his license in December. When investigators asked whether he planned to follow COVID-19 protocols like mask-wearing, LaTulippe said no.


But here’s my favorite quote from the good doctor:

“In a choice between losing his medical license versus wearing a mask in his clinic and requiring his patients and staff to wear a mask in his clinic, he will, ‘choose to sacrifice my medical license with no hesitation,'” the report said.

Told ya! Does not our paladin exhibit the most electrifying valor?!!!!

Whether this Dr. LaTulippe is LRC’s or not, he’s cut from the same cloth as the Founding Fathers. Join me in praying God’s richest blessings on this awesome Patriot and his wife!


2:45 pm on September 20, 2021