(PADD) People Against Domestic Drones

PADD is a suggested organization that doesn’t now exist. Another is PIOT which stands both for Privacy In Our Time and Panarchy In Our Time.

Privacy is a basic want, like the wants for air, water, food, comfort, and entertainment. There are many desires we want to be filled only in privacy, so that privacy is also a factor of production in creating satisfactions. This is why staring at people is impolite. It is why voyeurism and peeping toms are condemned. Imagine a government bureau filled with peeping toms, voyeurs, and blackmailers who have drones at their disposal. Imagine cameras in every public place, and remember that almost every private place is adjacent to a public place.

Why is it that the government wants to monitor your every move, but it doesn’t want you to monitor what it is doing? Why is it that the government wants drones spying everywhere on your private behavior, but does so very little to locate, gather evidence, try, and convict real criminals in its own ranks and in corporations who have committed and are committing crimes? Why does the establishment set itself up as an elite that is above the law while extending control over you? Who now controls police and prosecutors? If that control is going so very badly for the people, then who is going to control the use of drones?


7:27 am on June 7, 2012