Our Existential Crisis of Being

Freedom is the genius of American civilization. Other great nations have been born in conquest. Ours began with the Declaration of Independence, and the enshrining of the idea of the natural rights of man. It was founded, not on the power of the State, but on the liberty of the individual. That principle of individual liberty has had its good days and its bad days in the United States; it’s been denied to many groups of people for far too long. But the ideal has always survived. It is our answer and our hope.

— Ed Clark, 1979

When I saw Clark deliver these powerful, seemingly timeless, and inspirational words in Los Angeles little did I suspect that decades later the United States of America would face a tragic apocalyptic period of existential doubt and disbelief in our most sacred founding principles. To vast faceless millions of the willfully ignorant, these are lifeless, empty words which are now deemed apocryphal. Drained of hope and conviction, with nameless dread and vicious nihilism replacing truth and integrity, they are plunging our world into howling madness and despair.

“We have learned well what you have taught us in your schools and universities concerning Attila; the Brethren of the Free Spirit; the Aztecs; the English Civil Wars and Peasant Revolts; the French, Russian, Chinese, Cuban, and Cambodian Revolutions; and ISIS. We are the 21st century manifestation of the savage revolt of the primitive, and we have only one ultimate goal.

“The Universe emerged out of primordial chaos, there is no transcendent god. Everything artificial or made by humans is unnatural and must be destroyed.

“Science, particularly linguistics, economics, and medicine is unnatural. Language or articulate speech is unnatural and must be abandoned. All private property and the division of labor is unnatural and must be abandoned and destroyed. Medicine goes against nature, is therefore unnatural, and must be abandoned. All human made physical structures are unnatural and must be destroyed. Homes, apartments, schools and universities, hospitals, churches and mosques, factories, restaurants, are unnatural and must be abandoned and destroyed.

“Gender, race, class and other arbitrary classification concepts are artificial and must be abandoned and destroyed. All bureaucratic attempts at creating order out the natural primordial chaos from which the Universe came are artificial, unnatural, and must be destroyed.

“The very notion of ‘civilization’ (especially Western Civilization) is an archaic, artificial construct which must be abandoned, discredited, and destroyed.

“But why stop at destroying monuments and artifacts of so-called ‘politically incorrect’ persons and events of the past. Exhume the corpses of the ‘Confederate’ dead and destroy the remains of these white supremacists. Burn the Catholic Churches, murder all these sexual-abusing clergy who promote this aberrant patriarchal artificial construct, and exhume and destroy the remains of past Catholics.

“NIHILISM – the theory that existence is senseless and meaningless, and that there is no objective ground of truth, is our ultimate goal. You have indeed taught us well.”


5:04 am on May 17, 2022