Order of Deprivation

In response to COVID-19, governments have replaced the market order we are accustomed to with an order of deprivation.

To be deprived of something is to have taken away that which one usually possesses, enjoys and uses. Another meaning is to lose things or conditions that are usually considered essential. Government commands of many sorts and at many levels are depriving people of essential things and conditions. We cannot live and produce goods, nor can we distribute them and buy and sell them unless we work. Work is essential. Being deprived of work is showing up in monstrously large unemployment figures. That and many other deprivations are solely the product of government commands.

This order of deprivation cannot and will not stand. It will be relaxed or be met with massive civil disobedience.

We must return to the market order. We must end the government-created order of deprivation.

Any politician or other figure who commands or persuades us to wait days, weeks and months until some magic disease-mitigation moment occurs really wants to extend the order of deprivation. If we wait, the order of deprivation will intensify and, one thing more, a condition of chaos will emerge side by side with the deprivation.

The market order is an order of rights. The order of deprivation abrogates rights. The deprivation occurs along side the abrogation of rights. They are two ways of saying the same thing. The market order is abrogated if and only if rights are abrogated, and rights are abrogated if and only if the market order is abrogated and replaced by the order of deprivation.

Any argument now being made that maintaining lockdowns is necessary for some end such as sacrificing for health-care workers or for saving lives is an argument in favor of the order of deprivation.


2:46 pm on April 22, 2020

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