Open Letter to President Donald Trump; Pardon Ross Ulbricht!

Dear Mr Trump:

In 2015, I was involved in the initiation of two groups in your behalf.

One was “Libertarians for Trump.” I started this along with the late Ralph Raico and Donald Miller. We received about 4000 signatures on this compilation. The other was “Scholars for Trump.” My partners on this were Paul Gottfried and Boyd D. Cathey. You had to have an advanced degree such as a phd or law degree to sign up. This list was begun since it was then widely believed that only dumb rednecks in flyover country would vote for you. We wanted to put paid to that claim. We garnered about 150 signatures on that initiative.

I plan to do something similar this year, as soon as the Democrats choose their candidate.

I appeal to you to pardon Ross Ulbricht. His was a victimless crime. Yes, he promoted the sale of illegal drugs, but did not himself engage in any sale. He engaged in no violence whatsoever. He now has a life sentence. Let me repeat that: he now has a life sentence.


1:20 am on March 5, 2020