Open Borders Is A Serious Challenge to Libertarian Theory

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Subject: Re: Open Borders and Strict Libertarian Theory

Dr. Block,

Pete, Pierre, and Pedro contract with an airline (outside the lines on a map known as the continental united States) for a trip from THAT airport to an airport in Anywhere, Continental United States. [note that the SAME thing is possible by automobile, bus, railroad, and ship — or some combination thereof.] They arrive at Anywhere airport, deplane, grab a sandwich, and exit. On the curb they hail a taxi or an uber or a bus or have a friend/acquaintance/party pick them up (contracting accordingly) … they drive to a hotel where they (again) contract with the proprietor for a room. The next day, they again hail a taxi or an uber or a bus or have a friend/acquaintance/party pick them up (contracting accordingly) and travel to business. At the business, they contract with the owner and execute said contract accordingly.

Where did *any* of these gentlemen enter/attempt to enter anyone’s property without permission? Sincerely, M

Dear M:

I, too, am an open borders libertarian, see below. But, where we diverge is that you think there are no libertarian difficulties, problems, challenges to this position, and I think there are. Very serious ones.

Posit that one of these three imimigrants, Pete, Pierre, and Pedro, is a rape-fugee! Maybe, even, two of them. Is that not a problem? See this on that challenge: And this:

Also, suppose instead of only 3 immigrants, there are 3 billion of them, all innocent. Ok, they all get permission to land in a big empty private area in the middle of Nevada. Ok, so far. But, now, they want to get out onto the highways to go elsewhere. Right now, there are no private highways. Isn’t it a problem that 3 billion people, even innocent ones, will soon be intermingling with us? How about 7 billion?

My solution? Privatize all roads, and privatize all other property. Then, and only then, does this issue of 7 billion “nice” immigrants not arise, let alone the nasty ones.

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