• One Last Time: Military Training Chants

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    Thank you to all the veterans who wrote me with confirmation of the military cadences I posted or with additional ones that you used to recite but have now seen the error of your ways. Most of these I cannot post because they are too filthy. Here is one that is evil, but at least printable:

    Damn, damn, damn the Filipinos;
    Cross-eyed, kakiak (brown-skinned) ladrones (thieves);
    ‘Neath our starry flag;
    Civilize them with a Krag (Krag-Jorgensen rifle: US Models 1892, 1896, 1898, and 1899);
    And return us to our beloved homes.

    Or this one:

    A yellow bird,
    With a yellow bill,
    Was sitting on…
    My window sill

    I coaxed him in,
    With a piece of bread,
    And then I smashed his…

    Many vets told me that they never told their family about their chants because they were so morally repugnant (like eating dead babies with barbecue sauce as chanted at Ft. Benning Jump School). Veteran TTB says: “Those who tell you their family members didn’t sound off with the military chants you described are fooling themselves. EVERYONE in the Army or Marine training sounds off with them, and they do so very loudly, whether they want to or not. If a unit, as a group, does not sound off, mass push-ups (or worse) are sure to follow.” He trained at Fort Jackson, South Carolina in 1975 and still remembers everything he chanted “like it was yesterday.”

    Thank you also to my nemesis Ol’ Vet, for once again calling me an a-hole for posting these cadences, and also for calling this vet a liar. At least “dechief,” as his e-mail reads, didn’t call me a “drug brain dead a-hole” like he did last week when he told me to “eat s__t and die.” In the end, apologists for their god the military always resort to name calling and profanity.


    8:41 pm on May 16, 2012