One Big Criminal Campaign Financing Scam

That’s what the “impeachment inquiry” is.  The Democrats know that there is no possibility that the senate will remove Trump from office; therefore, all of this is simply a part of their 2020 presidential campaign of smearing their competitor — and getting the taxpayers to pay for it all.  It would be grossly unjust and tyrannical to compel taxpayers to pay for one side of a presidential political campaign, but that is exactly what the Democrats are doing here.  As Jefferson wrote in the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, “To compel a man to contribute to a cause with which he disagrees is sinful and tyrannical.”  The Great Man instructed that mention of the statute should be one of three things on his gravestone, the other two being authorship of the Declaration of Independence and the “father” of the University of Virginia.  Of course, Adam Schiff and his comrades couldn’t care less about such sentiments, which they would condemn as the ramblings of a “white supremacist.”


4:37 pm on December 3, 2019