Once Again, the Sop Fooled Freedom’s Friends

Wow! It’s not often that lawyers understand freedom, but here’s one who not only does but who’s denouncing the Supreme Court’s recent decision on Comrade Guano’s–sorry, Cuomo’s tyranny in New York State. Our hero argues that it endorses and codifies that despotism rather than restraining it, contra most well-meaning commentators:

…why are so many reporting this case as a victory?  As one noted author wrote in response to my analysis: … Conservatives are so easy to fool when the court throws them a pittance of a bone.

He then sounds the tocsin for freedom:

What did not happen [in this decision]: The parties did not challenge the validity of the emergency and did not challenge the Government’s use of emergency powers to destroy the ability to make a living and the rights of the people to exercise their rights. The parties did not challenge the entire red/yellow/green zone tyranny. 

What the decision actually means: A government can imprison1 the entire population as long as one form of activity is not treated disparately from other forms of activity.

That’s not a typo after “imprison”; it’s a footnote:

  1. A reviewer objected to the use of the word “imprison.” My response: If the population can’t go to school, can’t go to work, can’t go to pray, and are only allowed out at certain hours for certain government approved activities then what imprisoning is left to do?

Whoa!!!!! When was the last time you cheered even the references in a legal brief?!!!!! Wonder whether this guy reads LRC…

And he’s right: all this twaddle about treating “religion” the same as other “institutions” gives a pass to the dictatorship inherent in “public health.” Judges should be eviscerating that Marxist invention as wholly incompatible with liberty, not tweaking its authority to dictate to us during flu season.

The attorney also proposes a

 Solution and Call to Action: 

  1. Read the Declaration of Independence and understand your G-d given inalienable rights. “Inalienable” means rights that cannot be taken away and which you cannot surrender. 

  2. Read the Bill of Rights and understand that it does not grant you any rights. It merely, warns the government not to restrict any of your rights, including, but not limited to, the few that Bill of Rights mentions. 

  3. Read the actual court decisions and don’t assume that the court decisions actually mean what the media tells you it means. 

  4. Open your businesses, gather your family, provide value to society, turn down offers of free money, food and rent, travel freely whenever it suits you, gather in prayer. 

  5. File new litigations that challenge the proof of the emergency and the government’s power at its core. Speak to us if you are ready to be a plaintiff.

  6. Support the Legal Defense fund that does not mince words and is not afraid to stand up for liberty and oppose tyranny, the Lifeline Legal Defense Fund.

Potential plaintiffs can contact him at the link. So can fans! 

Meanwhile, here’s another call for liberty, this time from an Orthodox Christian to Parson Goat:

The recently instituted, dehumanizing practices in our parishes of wearing masks and maintaining “social distance” (an oxymoron, if ever there were one) and of not venerating icons have been embraced without skepticism, an expiration date, or definitive science to support them. Viruses do not jump from person to person like fleas, so why the robotic “6 feet apart”? The reason for “distancing” given by the trenchant observer Jeremy Elliott should disturb you, because it involves social-engineering and facial-recognition technology.

Yep, it should disturb all of us, Christian or not. Yet the sheeple doze in their pens without so much as a bleat.


10:22 am on December 4, 2020