Oh the fakery of infectious diseases

All it took was 30 minutes in the gym this morning, staring at the tube. And here come the Droplet Warriors.

Last year, more than a dozen unvaccinated children in Ohio were infected with the measles, with nine of them hospitalized. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) responded and deployed a small team to help assist with the outbreak. But by December, the number of infected children grew to 59. Most recently, as of January 6, the number of measles cases has increased to 82 cases; 33 of those were hospitalized.

Measles cases rise rapidly because the virus is so contagious. It can be easily spread by coughing, talking or being in the same room. It is estimated to infect 90 percent of unvaccinated people who are exposed.

Blaming the “unvaccinated” is a very worn and cretinous path. Every fearmongering road leads to yet another “necessary” vaccination. I highly recommend the new book from Drs. Mark and Samantha Bailey, “The Final Pandemic: An Antidote to Medical Tyranny.



5:20 pm on February 27, 2024