Occasionally, Even Pastor Shepherd Requires Rest

Scott in Colorado is one of the very few clerics nationwide who has served the Lord rather than Leviathan throughout the shamdemic. But he must absent himself from his pulpit for a bit and has been seeking a substitute for those Sundays. Alas, his hunt has turned up one Parson Goat after another:

Talked with one person who had preached several times here.  He wants to wait until Aug to see how many “cases” there are in CO until he would commit to coming.

Talked with another, a former missionary working for a Christian agency.  When he found out we would stay open if CO mandated church closings in Aug, he declined.

Can you believe this?  

He signed his email,

Sad in Colorado

Thank God, He’ll one day wipe away all tears. Meanwhile, whatever happened to “Be strong and of a good courage” (which command the Almighty repeats six times in the Old Testament alone)? Or “Fear thou not, for I am with thee; be not dismayed, for I am thy God…”

Even Pastor Shepherd’s PS was somber:

I posted on my FB page a very good scientific article positing the ineffectiveness of masks.  Got a snarky reply denigrating Donald Trump.  There was nothing about Trump in the article!  TDS indeed!

Hmmm. You don’t suppose Parson Goat is on FB…


3:10 pm on July 10, 2020