• Obama’s Morality Standard Is All Wet

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    While Lew was telling a fascinating morality tale last night, Obama was apparently invoking another morality. He featured a letter from Ted Kennedy as his moral justification for expropriating the healthcare sector of the economy.

    This makes me wonder — when Obama appeared with all those rock stars during his campaign, did he really think those crowds were cheering for him?

    Most of us wish that the pols would just let EMK RIP. Obama’s bringing him up as a moral champion just reminds flyover country that Teddy earned his Ph.D. (“Plunge her Deeper”) at Chappaquiddick U.

    Obama is clearly ot of touch with reality, and madly in love with his own ego. Of course, what recent president wasn’t? More to the point, how many people in that chamber last night don’t envy him for it?


    8:31 am on September 10, 2009