Obama’s anti-Republican Rhetoric Is a Two-Way Street

Obama and/or his ghost-writers cleverly label and define Republicans as ogres: “Through Palin, it seemed as if the dark spirits that had long been lurking on the edges of the modern Republican Party — xenophobia, anti-intellectualism, paranoid conspiracy theories, an antipathy toward brown and Black folks — were finding their way to center stage,” he has written in his new book.

or take these words he spoke about Trump’s election fraud claims in a recent interview: “one more step in delegitimizing, not just the incoming Biden administration, but democracy generally, and that’s a dangerous path.”

Obama’s charges are cleverly crafted. If Republicans said the same kinds of things about Democrats and Obama, what would they say? This kind of rhetoric is a two-way street.

Obama’s election and the Biden-Harris candidacy have released the anti-American forces that have long been central to the Democratic Party – big city corruption and graft, KKK-style justice, mob intimidation and riot, sexual confusion and indoctrination, pedophilia, the killing of babies, internationalism and international socialism, communism, joining and making wars in the name of democracy, socialism in American life in every way possible, welfare statism, eugenics, treating brown and black folks as inferiors in need of handouts…, racial quotas.”

The Democratic Party, allied with the Deep State and its controlled media, has launched a continuous revolution designed to transform American freedom into a new slavery. The Democratic Party has de-legitimized the Trump administration and Trump himself for 4 straight years. Their goal is to extinguish American democracy and freedom, replacing it with their own endless corrupt one-party rule. The Democratic Party has placed America on the path to a totalitarian America of corruption, and they call the chains they’re forging progressive.


7:57 am on November 14, 2020