Obama and Israel Stoke a Sectarian Shia-Sunni War

Israel is working overtime to shift the focus away from the Arab-Israeli conflict. It wants to divide Muslims along sectarian lines, Shia vs. Sunni. It wants to create anti-Iran sentiment and paint a picture of Iran as a Shiite threat to Sunnis in Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Iraq and elsewhere so that they will fight Shiites. The bombings in Iraq and Syria demonstrate the success of the Israeli campaign. In this way, Israel achieves a kind of alignment with Saudi Arabia and Quatar that weakens the Arab-Israeli basic conflict.

Obama is acting as an appendage of Israel. He does this by increasing arms shipments to rebels in Syria who are Sunnis. Islamist fighters are flooding into Syria, we read. Obama thereby rewards and encourages extreme religious sentiments, leading to religious conflicts. Moderate Muslims find that their nations are increasingly subject to the drives of the armed extremist contingents who become battle-hardened. Obama and Israel are lighting a keg of dynamite. It will explode in their faces. If enough extremist Muslims become armed and ready to fight, they will eventually turn on Israel.


5:48 pm on July 3, 2013