Nomi Prins: The Left/Progressive Case Against the Fed

Excellent Jeff Deist interview/discussion with Nomi Prins, author of All The Presidents’ Bankers: The Hidden Alliances That Drive America Power (an excellent companion volume to Murray N. Rothbard’s definitive primer on power elite analysis, Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy).

Every listener should both purchase and carefully read and reflect upon the magisterial detailed history these two powerful books present. This is not stagnant antiquated dry facts but vital background information which effects our world each and every day.

Especially illuminating in this discussion are Prins’ laying out the elite background of the creation of the Fed at Jekyll Island, how the Fed enables war and the military-industrial complex, and how the systemic nature of central banking and its allied credit card industry promotes inequality.

Nomi Prins is a national treasure, for her wide-ranging authoritative knowledge of these important subjects, and her lucid and engaging ability to present this information verbally to the attentive public.


5:07 pm on October 29, 2016