No Wonder UnJabbed Nurses Suffer From Whiplash

How would you react if you catapulted from hero to dastardly villain in a few months? A nurse in Florida describes his response as the hospital that once extolled him for his long hours and selflessness now vilifies him—as does the Usurper—for refusing the experimental Jab.

Nicholas advises that the same website features

a statement against the vaccines and against vaccine mandates by Bishop Siluan of Bishop of the Metropolitante of Australia and New Zealand of The Serbian Orthodox Church. In his letter, he specifically directs the faithful to rely on his words as support for the Orthodox position. We have also added a link to a letter from Bishop George of Canberra Auxiliary Bishop Australia-New Zealand Diocese Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia who also rejects vaccines with ties to abortion. Update 9/16/2021. This is very important because the Greek Archdiocese in the U.S. announced on Twitter that there is no case for religious exemptions for any vaccine. Ever.

Well, duh, of course: there’s that famous Commandment, #11, that orders, “Thou shalt not refuse poison thy rulers decree, especially when derived from aborted babies.” Dang it, why don’t you religious fanatics would stop roiling the waters and just roll up your sleeves?


1:32 pm on September 17, 2021

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