News From the Front in the Mask Wars

LRC’s readers continue their success in eschewing “mandatory” masks; by relying on a variety of tactics, most of them proudly report they have never yet succumbed to these dictatorial orders. 

For example, Gene Greigh writes from Ohio,

I won’t falsely and unnecessarily CLAIM exemptions.  If challenged I will ENQUIRE:  “Are you in violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act by challenging my religious convictions, or are you in violation of the 1991 Americans with Disabilities Act by asking after my medical condition?”

So far I have not been challenged where I’ve shopped.  I bristle with annoyance as I breeze by the odious signs, of course, but I have heard not a word. In southwest Ohio I see predominant compliance but I’m not catching any flak.  I reckon our cohort to be about fifteen percent or so.  Also, sneers or other forms of stink-eye may be sliding off my thick libertarian hide.  I don’t know.

I like being disappointed sometimes, as I loathe confrontation.  Still, I’ll remain prepared with my rehearsed questions. Earlier I had resolved to ask them about their leash if they dared ask me about my muzzle, but have since decided that I didn’t want to be the one doing the escalating.

I work retail myself and remain unmuzzled since March, despite Malefic Mike’s [a.k.a. Gov. Mike DeWine] dictum.  Some customers timidly enter and ask if I require them to mask up and I assure them that neither I nor my naked face have any problems with theirs.  When unmuzzled customers leave my till lately, they hear the additional tag line to my traditional farewell, “Work hard.  Rest easy.  Breathe free.”

From Alabama, Mike discloses: 

…[S]topped at Whataburger that we’ve been to scads of times. The gal behind the register says I have to obey Governor Meemaw’s

Love it! Isn’t that the perfect moniker for ol’ Kay Ivey?

mask fiat. I say I can’t wear it. She says robotically I have to wear it. Really didn’t feel like arguing so we said “have a nice day” and walked less than 100’ to On-Tap Sports Bar where we’re pleasantly greeted and seated. Instead of fast food we’re now enjoying a mushroom Swiss burger in a local restaurant.

Standing–or sitting–on principle can be so rewarding!

Mr. Anonymous informs us,  

I haven’t walked into any store at all since the face mask order happened here in the great state of Inslee, err… Washington. But decided to take my chances at a local pizza parlor. The mandate states that since you can catch covid in the walking position, to muzzle yourself when you’re walking to and from your seat. But since you can’t catch covid in the sitting position, our oh so gracious and well educated leaders “allow” us to sit and have a bite while not being muzzled. 

Well, walked in, was seated, had a couple slices, walked to the bathroom without a mask… how bout’ them apples?

I say feed ‘em to Insane–sorry, Inslee until he chokes.

Tim reveals that he

went to the grocery store today and of course didn’t have a mask on. While walking down an aisle a kind elderly gentlemen with a mask on stopped me to comment approvingly about my decision to not wear a mask, including saying that he wouldn’t be wearing one either if he were younger.  That led to a brief conversation about how his medical doctor son has been telling him about how useless masks are and then about how his wife has breathing problems and can’t tolerate a mask for more than a few minutes even while seated.  I’m not sure why the guy was wearing a mask himself since he obviously didn’t believe in their effectiveness and didn’t bat an eye when shared about the problems with increased blood CO2 and decreased blood oxygen levels, in the moment it felt rude to ask him that.  While having that conversation though a few people did walk past and attempt to give the two of us nasty glares which were just funny over their masks.

Also, when I got to the checkout, I had to lean over the counter to get within 2 feet of the cashier in order to understand anything she said due to the muffling effect of her mask and the plexiglass shield that has been installed for the past few months.  I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure that forcing a customer to move around a plexiglass shield and lean over the countertop area to hear a cashier’s questions is definitely not advisable for preventing spread of any disease.

Some of the results of this mask nonsense are just getting hilariously stupid.

And the abundant internal contradictions prove that this has never been about health but always and solely about controlling us. 

Michael confesses, 

I live in a small town in Georgia, and recently, the only grocery store in town (Ingles) put up a sign stating that, as of July 21, all customers would be required to wear masks (except for children and those with “medical conditions”).  Since then, I have been in twice, and not only have I not been the only one without a mask, but there have actually been more people without masks than there had been before their new “requirement” took effect!

Specifically, I would say that the last couple of times I went there before the “requirement” took effect, about 80% of the customers were masked, whereas the times I have been since the new “requirement” took effect, the number of masked customers has declined to approximately 60%.

I’m guessing that it must be the “forbidden fruit” phenomenon, but whatever the cause, it’s nice to see that there are at least a few people left with something resembling a spine!

James S. has opened a new front:  

When headhunters call, I tell them I would only be interested in working for companies without a mask policy.  If you think about it, this is very Sun Tzu.  It doesn’t risk my current position, but it stands a decent chance of softening things up for future work.

Meanwhile, Mark Higdon proposes a sartorial strategy:

My number of maskless-and-unchallenged shopping trips has reached double digits. On every one of them, I entered the store wearing opaque wrap-around sunglasses and left them on throughout. I wonder if that accessory helped to deter any interference. 

Finally, Mr. Anonymous in North Carolina sends the following dispatch:

I have yet to adhere to any mask diktats. I actually go out of my way to places that claim enforcement the loudest, lately, but usually I just double down on support for those who don’t attempt to enforce. I made it a point to go to Trader Joe’s last night as I saw them herding people like cattle and a very large mandatory mask sign. I came back when the line died down, but they said nothing to me, and everyone was very kind, save the checkout wench who knew I had gotten one over on her, so asked me to “please stand behind the glass.” I’m also outnumbered by usually 98%, and I’m in a southern state. 

That’s discouraging. Where are Dixie’s rebels? Have they all become as smug and supine as Yankees?

I have noticed the past 3 months during the build up to 98% masks, not a one in this has even been able to hold/make eye contact in stores, tho a few clerks have “attempted” to enforce on me at certain places. Anyways, I find that good manners seem to work well, so long as the person isn’t being overtly rude. I also have friends beginning to file lawsuits against major corporations over ADA violations, for refusing service.

As we battle in theaters across the continent, we naturally assume we’re alone and unsupported. Au contraire! An army of your fellow patriots, of folks who would rather die on their feet than live on their knees, defies totalitarianism alongside you. Don’t lose heart, keep the faith, damn the maskitoes, and full speed ahead!


6:15 am on July 28, 2020

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