New Year, Old War

Will the Mask War ever end? Not if Our Rulers can help it. Diapered faces are invaluable to the sociopaths in office: muzzles advertise the serfs’ compliance with and allegiance to Leviathan, gratifying the political class as they demoralize dissidents. The sea of veils seems to chortle, “Why struggle? Look how many have surrendered–and we’re happy in our slavery! It’s useless to fight!”

But that’s the collectivists’ usual lie. We who prize the individual and his autonomy know that every rebellion, every assertion of self against the mob, is a victory.

Here, then, are accounts from your fellow patriots who refuse to yield to the hive, who proudly march maskless!

Mississippi Mark triumphed completely when he

strolled into Cherokee Pharmacy in Cleveland, TN. The pharmacist himself happened to be at the counter. IMMEDIATELY, he held his hand out with a mask in it, asked me to mask up.

Mark responded,

“Sir, you of ALL people should know there are exceptions to this.”

He immediately apologized to me and that was the end of that.

Mark also assailed the enemy in one of Tennessee’s courthouses, where he’s appeared before:

Had to return, file a civil suit against ANOTHER deadbeat.

New deputy at door, “Sir, you need to wear a mask to enter.”

“You ARE aware there are medical exemptions, yes?”

“Yes, but I still have to ask.”

Walked upstairs, the usual metal detector routine, new faces here, too.

Again, asked if they were aware of medical exemptions.  Yep.

Got my paperwork from the clerk of court, sat NEXT to the metal detector deputies to fill it all out, ONE of them pulled his mask all the way down AFTER I had entered, the OTHER one never HAD his mask over his nose.

It’s the old “do as I say, not as I do” scenario.

Doug Hand from upstate New York responded to Correction, Incredibly Enough, which mentioned City Blue Imaging; he reports,

I know of City Blue Imaging because it is near my favorite pizza (New York-style, thin crust)/stromboli place in that neighborhood. The owner does not require me to don a face diaper (rarely wears one himself) so I have been a consistent customer since March.

CAUTION: serious drooling ahead.

Currently enjoying their chicken wings, olive oil/garlic white pizza with spinach/black olive, red pizza with sausage/jalapenos, while saving a loaded Philly cheesesteak sub for tomorrow.

Yeah, we’ll wait while you grab a napkin. Who said WWIII’s rations weren’t the stuff of fantasy?

Speaking of delectable edibles, we next head to Louisiana, where Mr. Anonymous is 

heartened by the anti-mask/anti-lockdown protests around the country.

But he’s

disheartened by what I have seen in SW Louisiana. Of late I have visited a stand-alone pharmacy and two very busy grocery stores. I wear the mask through the front door and immediately remove it. No has even said a word to me about it. But I am often the only one in these places without a mask. Things have changed. Gone are the glowering stares. These have been replaced by looks of fear and disbelief. At least a dozen women have stepped away from me in horror or performed a shopping cart U-turn to avoid passing by me. I asked a simple question of a pharmacy tech who took two steps back. She was behind a half-inch thick wall of Plexiglas.

As with all cults, COVIDiocy requires a rejection of reason and common sense.

Today in the grocery store, jammed to the brim …, I noticed a man, about my age, without a mask. Later, I saluted him from two aisles over. He laughed. I then looked over to see two cashiers without masks! Maybe there is hope after all.

A local grocer who had been serving an unmuzzled Herman Mayfarth suddenly refused to admit him without a diaper. Our hero took his business elsewhere, where he enjoyed a rout to match Mississippi Mark’s:

For any of your other correspondents in inland Southern California  (Riverside & San Bernardino counties), I invite them to check out Clark’s Nutrition.

… Store is spacious, quiet, well maintained and *very* clean.

Staff is friendly and helpful, as they should be. Staff were all masked (probably company policy) but … took the initiative in saying hello and putting me at ease.

I noticed no one else practicing full facial nudity, but at least two … had dropped their diapers down around their necks, nostrils and possibly mouth exposed. Also, other customers who were diapered were friendly, and not afraid to talk to a facial nudie like me.

He appreciated the

…relaxed atmosphere. No bullshit about “The Virus.” There is a “masks required per Governor of California” poster on the door, but qualified by [the] statement that Clark’s will not act as “law enforcement,” which they invite the customer to call if you have a “problem.”

Ah, but as Mr. Mayfarth exults, many cops refuse to enforce Gruesome Nuisance’s nonsense.

He adds:

There are other food supply options to explore locally.

Bottom line: I will *NOT* be treated like an inmate of the state penitentiary by the manager of *any* retail store which I have entered with the intent to purchase their merchandise. That is simply unacceptable.

Make no mistake, we are at war, here. It is a low level conflict at present, but things are likely to get worse.

On another 

And silly

note, it has come to pass (as I predicted last summer) that at least two strip clubs in San Diego remained open, in defiance of The Nuisance and his b.s. The strippers, apparently, were showing off “what they got,” but wore face diapers.

Skip to Florida with me, where Scott

Was at Siesta Keys beach yesterday: 95% unmasked, no distancing.  Normal life!

Oh, what a blessing!

Tony Pivetta 

belong[s] to a Catholic parish in the Midwest. It offers the Traditional Latin Mass and only the Traditional Latin Mass. I joined four years ago for that reason. In submission to Caesar’s–i.e., the Governor’s–decree, the diocese ordered all churches closed for two months in the spring. No Lent. No Good Friday. No Resurrection Sunday. No sacraments. 

No matter. The pastor, dutiful son of the Church, complied. 

Aha: a Parson Goat, who obeyed Mother Church but forsook his Father. Yo, Goat: when Church and Christ conflict, thanks to wicked men in the former, our loyalty stays with the Lord.

The bishop issued guidelines governing the re-opening of the churches in May. A small sign on the front door to our church made reference to those guidelines. Something along the lines of “His Grace asks that we wear a mask and keep a safe distance.”

The church attracts a cross section of worshippers: young and old, family and couples and singles, mostly white but with a handful of blacks and Asians in the mix. As far as I can tell, all they have in common is a love for the Traditional Latin Mass. Or so I thought.

They don’t wear masks! I drove to that post-hiatal Mass, stepped out of my car and shoved my mask in my pocket, bracing myself for the inevitable admonition to put the infernal thing on. I was prepared to comply. I certainly didn’t want to make a scene in church! But as I walked through the church and looked around, virtually all the faces were bare. I saw maybe six or seven face diapers in a sea of 120 worshippers.

No priest or cop gave the green light to de-mask. Nobody said anything one way or the other. It just happened. Talk about spontaneous order! That achingly beautiful ancient liturgy isn’t the only thing that lifts my spirits Sunday mornings. 

An anonymous veteran of the military from Michigan spent a

day in the so-called “conservative” state of Oklahoma…….masked morons to almost 100% of the population.

We are visiting kids who live near a major military base so even though the state’s governor didn’t mandate masks, the local goons did.

Most all the local goons are ex-military thus still under the sway of the government “command & control” culture. However, unlike me, they forgot two things: They were fighting to defend our liberty and rights, not our “safety,” and they forgot they aren’t in the military anymore so have no legal or moral right to order people about…

Sheeesh, “fighting for our freedom” my arse.

Anyways, the local mask cult is in control. This place has more fundamentalist Christian churches per capita than any place I have ever lived but yet the population from my observation seems almost 100% faithful to Ceasar not Jesus. Yes, churches are open but comply with all the silly edicts.

The only improvement from the commie “motherland” state I left is that indoor dinning is “allowed” in Oklahoma provided that you comply with all the cult rituals of the “Branch COVIDIAN” religion: Masks, “Socialist Distancing”, capacity restrictions, etc.

I went to eat in a local sit-down diner (a corporate chain place for the record) and the surly amazon-femme “manager” was ready to boot me out for being maskless. I told them truthfully I had a medical condition (I have a note from a Doctor, even, to “show my papers” as the “New Leper” that I am) so she reluctantly allowed me in; but she was not happy. Evidently, the company has not trained anyone, either, on the fact that the local “orders” allow medical or other exemptions. Furthermore, they didn’t even seem to think it was important to let their employees know that their manager was screening at the door (logical implication would be, of course, she okayed the maskless heretic to enter the COVIDIAN Holy Place) because 15 minutes later, when I had to answer “nature’s call”, some mini-Mao 20-something year old waiter made it a point to harass me on the way back by cutting me off and yelling “Do you need a mask?”

What did I do?

I simply acted like he wasn’t there. Walked around him, sat down, and continued eating. The wimp did nothing.

First, I don’t have to prostrate myself to every employee in the store – it’s the manager’s job to keep people informed who worked there.

Second, my personal policy from now on is to treat any masked person who approaches me as a non-human. They have no face, so they have chosen to surrender their person-hood as far as I am concerned. So they don’t deserve the dignity of a response from me.

The supervisor or check out types that are masked I just treat like a machine I need to use or get by. Like a vending machine or an ATM. Again, not human so I don’t bother trying to make a connection with an appliance; a potentially dangerous appliance at that. I use it and move on.

Unmasked people, I say hello, and shake hands and engage in real human interaction.

Oh, by the way, I had a great, unmasked conversation with an elderly man at the local garage. He was a Christian, so he treated me as a human and brother as I did him……..a blessing from the Lord it was to have that moment to be a real human being and sharing life with another child of God!

Yes, the cult religion of the “Magic Virus of Doom” still sadly seems to be strong everywhere but there is still authentic, free humanity out there to be found which is the good news of this tale of travel gone wrong in the days of the “Branch COVIDIAN” cult. …

I am determined, God willing, to stay in the ranks of the real humans out there. I hope to live and to die a human – unmasked and unique in my personhood just as God made me.

The demons might starve me to death or get me in a hail of bullets but by gosh I am going to my maker with my face exposed to the world!”

Chuck in northwest Washington

sat down to try on hiking shoes in the family outdoor store in Port Angeles, WA. I asked the owner if he wanted me to wear a mask. Rather than answer he excitedly told me about a recent event in the store. A maskless man with a small child was trying on shoes. His friend was in the changing room trying stuff on. There was a masked couple, aged 60 or so, shopping. The masked male came over and started telling the dad he should be wearing a mask. Dad said he had an exemption. The owner was handling the situation and answering questions from the friend in the changing closet. Shopper called the cops. The police officer asked if he had an exemption, yes, and turned to the male Karen and said some people have an exemption. This did not sit well but whatever. The owner asked his son to go get a mask but the customer said not to bother and left. The older female masked shopper ran out to get the maskless former customer’s license number! I don’t know what became of the friend in the closet. 

I trust he’s come out by now.

And that all of your faces have as well.


5:19 pm on January 1, 2021