New Lying Scam

Same as the old lying scam.  An AOL headline today says that a Texas man’s death is “linked to” the Omicron virus.  Translation:  He may have died from cancer, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, or all of the above, but since they claim that he also had “Omicron” his death is “linked to” it, and nothing else.  And oh yeah, the lying scum at AOL made a BIG DEAL of the fact that the deceased was unvaccinated.  (The CDC claims that even if you’ve had the jab, you are still officially “unvaccinated” for the next two weeks.  Therefore, if the jab kills or disables you during that time, it cannot be blamed on the jab).

The template has now been set: This will get more and more hysterical and nonsensical because the purpose of it all is to keep the dumbasses among us sufficiently terrified so as to “justify” another massive vote-by-mail vote fraud extravaganza in November.


10:56 am on December 21, 2021