New Lincoln Movie Based on a Book Written by a Plagiarist and Based on a Lie

Several people have sent me articles announcing that Steven Spielberg is making a new movie on Lincoln starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Dishonest Abe, and based on the book, Team of Rivals, by confessed plagiarist Doris Kearns-Goodwin.  Goodwin admitted plagiarizing possibly hundreds of pages of her previous book on the Kennedy family, and to paying a large settlement to the author she plagiarized.  But since she’s a court historian and regime apologist of the most obnoxious sort, there were no negative consequences, only a movie deal for her next book.  And Team of Rivals, the book the movie will be based on, is totally based on a false premise — that Lincoln was unique in appointing to his cabinet former political rivals.  As though presidents never appointed people from their own party who had competed for the same position.  I prove this to be a lie in this article.

So, we will be treated to a movie starring an actor who last portrayed a deranged maniacal murderer (“There Will Be Blood”) based on a book written by a confessed liar, which is itself based on yet another bundle of historical lies.


9:37 am on November 20, 2010