Neocons Bash McClellan, Don’t Deny His Story

The left-Right Neoconocracy erupts in ad hominems in the wake of Scott McClellan’s “True Confessions of Another Paid Liar,” but they can’t deny that he’s telling the truth. As expected, NR is having a cow (although, since I have some cows, I do not wish to disparage the species) — indicative that, for years now, they’ve preferred idolatry to telling the truth.

Wes Pruden, the inveterate Bush Cheerleader of the late Washington Times, lets slip his own messianism when he compares McClellan to Judas (and thus, naturally enough, Bush is Jesus).

What I find most telling is the number of Bush’s Earl (“Don’t confuse me with the facts”) Landgrebe Cadre who insinuate that McClellan is doing it “for the money.”

Far from it. He could join the Beltway trough-dwellers and cash in major-league, big-time, if he’d just keep on lying. In this instance, we see one of the most clarified instances of projection that a psychology class could want as “Exhibit A.” They’re in it for the money, so he must be too.


10:41 am on May 30, 2008