Neocon Long Knives Out for Michael Steele

I’ve always sorta liked Michel Steele, because he’s been the least hostile to Ron Paul of any Gop chairman. And I especially appreciated his “gaffe”: telling the truth about the  war on Afghanistan. Ron is clearly gaining in influence! So the neocons want to send Steele to the Gulag. See Sam Stein’s story on power eliters Bill Kristol and Dan Senor flipping out over criticism of one of their many anti-Muslim wars. Why, why, does this mean Steele might quietly say mean things about the forthcoming presidential attack on the people of Iran, which these chickenhawks are so frantically fomenting?

UPDATE Neocon Liz Cheney joins the anti-Steele pressure group.

UPDATE Shocker: Steele is back to parroting the parties’ line.


7:58 am on July 3, 2010