Neocon Desperation Continues …

… and the next stiletto in Palin’s back now comes from — National Review!!

Suddenly, Sarah is “Out Of Her League.” Funny, she’s smarter, more experienced, and certainly much more able than George Bush. So why do they canonize poor W but give the shiv to Sarah?

The neocons have always hated pro-life, pro-family conservatives — witness Lindsey Graham’s tirades in the McCain inner circle when he realized that McCain wasn’t going to pick dependable pro-abortion Joe Lieberman as his running mate.

But Palin was brought aboard precisely to bring aboard traditional conservatives. And, having lived and worked among them all my life, I can assure you that her selection electrified a good many million folks.

Now NR wants to electrocute Sarah Palin. Why? The only fundamental (in the musical sense) I recognize in this treachery is this:

When Palin was at the Convention, she was scheduled to meet with Phyllis Schlafly’s supporters. They had clearly worked hardest to support an explicitly pro-life platform, and they succeeded.

But Sarah’s new neocon “minders” canceled the Schlafly meeting, sequestered Sarah, and stuck her in a secret meeting with AIPAC for an entire day, at the end of which, AIPAC gave Sarah their benediction. Then, for two weeks, she was in lockdown.

Now the neocons suddenly want her out. I can draw only one conclusion: they believe her devotion to their single-minded, private international agenda is only skin-deep — and they also recognize that Sarah Palin might be president some day. And then she will be her own woman.

Not theirs. A horrifying thought.

They have been desperate lately. I think they fear they might wind up sitting by the side of the road. Thus, the long knives come out.


8:49 am on September 27, 2008