My Policy on LRC

I get questions on Austrian economics and libertarianism from time to time. If they are polite, I always respond, even if briefly, because I have lots of e mail messages to deal with. On occasion, I receive queries that I think worthwhile to share on this blog. Be warned: if you ask me what I consider an important question, I will feel free to post it on LRC along with my response, but on an anonymous basis. That is, unless you tell me not to share your letter, and my response, with anyone else. But, then, I’ll be less likely to respond to you at all. My thought is that if I am going to spend time answering an important question, I would like to have it shared by as many people as possible.

I receive, oh, 100-200 e mails per day. I have this compulsion that I must answer all (polite) queries. However, I cannot always engage in back and forth correspondence with all knowledgeable, kind, interested, Austro-libertarian readers of If I did, or even tried to do so, I’d never get any other writing done. And that is why I get so many queries in the first place; because I publish a lot. So, please forgive me for not always being as responsive as I would like to be.

Yours truly,

Walter Block


5:51 pm on April 29, 2017