My Little President

From the same noxious people who wrote “Why Mommy is a Democrat” (and the apparently necessary sequel, “Why Daddy is a Democrat”) comes “Why Mama Voted for Obama.” Using rhymes worthy only of a third-rate Dr. Suess wanna-be, the book appears to attempt to explain why mama voted for Obama while some other mamas voted for John and a mastodon. I say appears because only the first few pages of the book are online, and I have no idea what the ever-so-exciting conclusion is.

I’m guessing this picture may be the first image in the book. It’s Obama happily reading to a classroom full of kids sitting on the floor. (Ahh, Obama as didact-in-chief, schooling us all in love and compassion in that place where we are managed ever so thoughtfully, carefully and mercifully and always for our own good and the good of society!) I am reminded, when I see this, of George W. Bush reading “My Little Goat” to a similar classroom on the morning of September 11, 2001. That, of course, was the very icon of presidential cluelessness and incompetence. Obama reading, however, shows how much he cares and loves. And when he abides in us, and we in him, we can love like that too, apparently.


7:29 am on November 18, 2008