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Why, when Our Rulers were creating COVID19, didn’t they fashion a far more lethal germ? Why did they prefer so few fatalities, if they plan to kill much of the world’s population? Why did they choose to rely on propaganda and lies about deaths, attributing those from other causes to COVIDCon, rather than actual ones?

In fact, why did they go to the bother of inventing a pathogen when they could have simply released smallpox or bubonic plague? 

Perhaps they feared their loss of control over those bugs; after all, an epidemic of smallpox could backfire, infecting them or their families (assuming they care about their relatives—an instinct that often goes missing in the politically powerful. Recall Queen Athaliah of ancient Judah, King Herod, and a host of other tyrants throughout history who slaughtered their own flesh and blood to cement their authority).

Or maybe “vaccinations,” in which the State injects serfs with drugs, “operating systems” (thanks to Vinnie Terranova for sending that link), and other horrors, explains rulers’ tinkering with coronavirus. That obliging microorganism affords them endless opportunities for fear-mongering and, as it allegedly mutates, frequent “vaccinating.”

What do you think? Admittedly, LRC’s readers aren’t sociopaths, or so I fondly hope, so it may be difficult for us to comprehend such Satanic motives. But if any of you can solve this mystery, please email me.


11:10 am on January 5, 2021

Political Theatre

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