MSM Takes Trump’s E-Mail Joke Seriously!!

Lew, Trump made a joke. Is that not clearly evident? It’s obviously a jab at Hillary’s missing, erased, mishandled and purged e-mails and her mishandling of her office. At the same time, he deflects the notion that he’s in league with Russian hackers; because if he were, he would never extend such an invitation over the national airwaves. And he also denies that association by starting off with “Russia, if you’re listening.”

The MSM are so incredibly biased and/or so starved for controversy that they act as if he’s committing treason. The more publicity they create over this false charge, the more that it advertises Hillary’s cavalier use of the power of her office, her incompetence and her secretiveness. In the end, because it will come out that the treason charge is ridiculous, this will make his attackers among the Democrats and the press look like complete jackasses.

Jake Sullivan says Trump has actively encouraged espionage. Sullivan is in line to be Hillary’s National Security Advisor. He’s her foreign policy advisor and he’s held other high positions. Now, think about such an absurd overstatement coming from a major stuffed shirt. All the national security officials and all politicians who intone such national security nonsense with great seriousness come across as utterly pompous fools.

While this is a major overreaction from the Clinton camp, what could they do in order to deflect attention to the 30,000 missing e-mails? They are trying to counterattack, but it lacks teeth and credibility because there’s no evidence for it or for the earlier charges against Trump and Russia. At some point, when they’re in deep enough, Trump will pull the plug on them. He can ask for the proof. He can ask: Do you want such naive tenderfeet who cannot control their own e-mails and who can’t tell a candidate from a traitor to be running the foreign policy of this country?


6:24 pm on July 27, 2016