“Mr. Science” Responds to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Book

By calling him “a very disturbed individual,” implying that he is mentally ill.  Government bureaucrats dismissing critics of government as mentally ill must sound very familiar to my friend Yuri Maltsev who grew up in the Soviet Union where they locked the critics up in mental hospitals.

Fauci makes not a single comment about any of the facts or analyses in Kennedy’s voluminous book, something a real scientist would routinely do.  And, he claims without proof that because of Kennedy’s book he and his “children” (are they in their 50s? 60s?) have received death threats.  Shut up and obey, in other words.  All poor little Saint Anthony has done, he says, is recommend that people wear masks and take care of their health.


6:17 am on December 22, 2021