Most Is Not What It Seems in the Empire of Lies

A friend married to a South American casts a skeptical eye on the doings in Cuba: 

What I… find very suspicious, however, is the timing of the current “anti-government” protests in Cuba. Why NOW, all of a sudden, after so many years of acquiescence to the Castro crime syndicate do the “masses” suddenly feel the urge to rebel? Even more suspiciously, why would they be using the U.S. flag as their protest banner? THAT is something that Latin Americans simply DO NOT do, even at their most desperate. I’ve seen enough nonsense lately that I strongly suspect alphabet agency involvement. The question that nags me is, what benefit is this providing to the Usurper’s Regime? A middle finger to Middle America? A sign of solidarity with the sclerotic, dying Castro Regime? A signal to other nations in the grip of terminal Marxism (e.g., Venezuela) that the USSA wants to recreate and amplify their misery? Whatever the motivation, I simply cannot buy the “mass protests” inside of Cuba as grassroots or genuine.

And Bill Martin forwarded an article that raises similar concerns about South Africa:

A lot of interesting buildings were also destroyed; Including, but not limited to over 100 cell towers, chemical plants, warehouses, malls, damaged ports, grocers, and various other wealth generating critical economic pieces. Reportedly even the airport and some hospitals were attacked.

But guess what?

The current leaders of South Africa have plans for these areas.

So out with the old, and in with the new.

Gauteng was one of the epicenters for violence, and, conveniently, construction for the new 5G smart city is going to begin any day now. Presumably, right after they get done bulldozing all the old stuff out of the way, tossed in the garbage, and polished up for some surveyors to begin phase one of the smart city projects.


3:07 pm on July 20, 2021